Meet the Author

Gabrielle Stone is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Growing up on set with her legendary scream queen mother Dee Wallace (Cujo, E.T.), she had days of licking off mommy’s fake blood and getting the travel bug at an early age. Gabrielle experienced one of the world’s real-life horrors when she lost her father suddenly at age seven.


After many years in the industry herself, Stone transitioned from meaty acting roles to writing and directing. Her award-winning films It Happened Again Last Night and After Emma gained her awards for writing, directing, and acting—but she had a bigger role in life that would soon present itself: freaking badass.


After the rug was vigorously pulled out from under her when her husband’s affair came to light, she found herself falling into the arms of another man. After a second failed attempt at love, a massive heartbreak, and yet another rug being yanked from her feet, she decided instead of landing flat on her ass—she’d make a career out of it.


And so came the birth of the novel Eat, Pray, #FML, where she shared all the mistakes, all the lessons, and most importantly, how she became a badass from it all.

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