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A year and a half into our marriage, I found out my husband had been having an affair with a nineteen-year-old for six months. I filed for divorce and left.


Two weeks later I met a man, and we fell madly in love. It was a fairy-tale romance for a month and a half, and he convinced me to join him on a romantic month-long vacation in Italy. Forty-eight hours before we were supposed to get on a plane, he told me he needed to go by himself. I was devastated. So, I had a decision to make. Either stay home and be heartbroken, or go travel Europe for a month by myself. And staying at home heartbroken? F%*k. That.

What does a woman do when her life has fallen apart and her heart has been ripped out and stepped on twice in two months? She goes on a wild adventure, makes some bad decisions, and does a sh*t load of soul searching. But most importantly? She finds out how to love…herself. 

This is so not Eat, Pray, Love. 
This is Eat, Pray, #FML

What People Are Saying

“Eat, Pray, FML is a riveting journey of what happens when your life is thrown to the wolves and you come out leading the pack. This isn’t a soul-searching book, it’s a soul defining book, and Gabrielle shows us how to elegantly do so...without giving a single f%*k.”
—K.L. Randis (Bestselling author of Spilled Milk: Based On A True Story)

Even with five kids (I seriously hardly ever get time to read in the last thirteen years) I could NOT put this book down. I don’t think I’ve ever read something more raw, relatable, and wildly entertaining. For anyone who’s gone through love, divorce, heartbreak, or needs to learn to love themselves and take their damn power back. READ. THIS. BOOK.
-Tori Spelling

“Reading this book has absolutely inspired me. These are words of pure truth. To say I needed to read this is an understatement. I’m so thankful for this book and how it opened my eyes about myself and my relationships. I’m ready to see it on the big screen!”
-Scout Taylor-Compton (Actress)

“Eat Pray #FML is not just a book for women. Gabrielle intimately shares her love life, divorce, whirlwind romances and the after math. It’s an eye opener for guys. Having spent her entire life in Hollywood, you’d think this was fiction...but sadly, it’s not.”  -Edward, 38

"There are very few books I’ve read in my lifetime that I couldn’t put down. This is one of them! I finished this book literally in three days! Gabrielle’s honest, snarky, and soul wrenchingly raw account of her adventures strikes a chord with anyone who has ever been in love, or felt true loss, or been so blindsided they were left speechless and beyond pissed off! Which is basically every single one of us. So there’s just no excuse not to read this. None."  -Dina, 38

“A laugh out loud journey dealing with heartbreak and finding yourself...mixed with sun, sea, and sex! Eat Pray #FML made me wish I was Gabrielle’s best friend traveling alongside her during her wild trip around Europe.”  -Ashley, 29

“A raw, powerful story. We follow Gabrielle on her journey to personal discovery in Eat Pray #FML. Through her pain, Gabrielle teaches us the power of loving others in spite of them hurting us, and how to get to the root cause of our deepest fears so we too can heal with her along the way.”  -Gina, 28

"Reading Eat Pray #FML feels like going on an adventure with your best friend. Gabrielle manages to be hilarious and adventurous while staying relatable by being grounded in vulnerability. Her ability to follow her pain in this journey is inspiring. The book starts from a very relatable story: she is gaslit by a man that she trusts. There is something really validating about seeing a strong, smart woman deal with that situation. It made me feel less foolish for the times I have believed in someone who turned out to be a liar. This book isn’t “men suck”, it’s about facing change, head on. The gaslighting incident is merely a jumping off point for her to face a grand adventure...herself. She rises from the ashes like a f**king queen. When I finished reading Eat Pray #FML, I felt like my literary best friend and I had survived something together. And we are both better people for it."  -Faith, 26

“I had a slight hesitation reading this book, but WOW!, so glad I did! The message crosses generations. I felt like I healed a lot of my similar past journeys and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it!”  -Lee, 69

“Never have I been so captivated by a book. I truly found myself experiencing so many different emotions and even caught myself laughing out loud. Not only are we enveloped in Gabrielle’s insane Netflix worthy story, we also get to explore Europe through the imagery she so beautifully paints for us through her writing. This raw and powerful story of self-discovery gave me everything I could ever want in a book. Gabrielle describes her experiences so vividly that I could almost taste the pasta and feel the hangovers. I truly couldn’t put this book down.”  -Rachel, 28

“Seldom do I find myself so engulfed in a book that I cancel my plans for the day because I simply can't put it down. Eat Pray #FML gives new meaning to a page turner.

Following Gabrielle on her life-changing journey, we not only are a witness to her self-discovery, but we, as the reader, find clarity and our own self-discovery page by page.

She captivates her audience with a descriptive force from cover to cover, detailing each city, country, and experience beautifully. As we take each step with her on this journey from start to finish…As we find in ourselves what it means to honor and appreciate love and happiness…As we navigate her and subsequently our very own despair and heartbreak…We are left with answers to important questions we didn't even know we were asking. I, for one, eagerly await her follow up to this book.”  -Sean, 43

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading EatprayFML! While my experiences are different from Gabrielle’s they were similar enough that I related to her in so many ways. I happened to read this book at a pivotal time in my life and the book was just what I needed; funny how life works. Gabrielle’s story and courage taught me a new perspective on being grateful for each and every experience, despite the pain it may have caused, and reminded me there’s so much to gain in moving forward, whatever that process looks like. Reading this book made me cry, laugh and reflect. I can truly say it changed my perspective on my life. Thank you Gabrielle for sharing your life with all your vulnerable moments, courage, strength, sadness, excitement and joy!"  -RG, 33

"I couldn’t put this book down. I loved meeting all of Gabrielle’s traveling companions and getting to be a part of her adventures. I really felt like I went on this incredible trip with her. The heartbreak is palpable throughout. The journey was one we can all relate to. Heartbreak, being slammed with crushing news, deep love, adventure, self care and eventual healing. I finished Eat Pray #FML in two days. It’s a fantastic f*%king book!"  -Amanda, 47 

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